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And thanks to one 2 hour and 40 minute chunk of life, I just became the first woman to conduct Hadestown.


Ain't Too Proud will be reopening on October 16, 2021! To say we are all excited about this news doesn't even begin to describe the anticipation. See you at the Imperial Theater!!! And enjoy this throwback to February 2019 when we were in previews. ♥️ 


It was a welcome break from my pandemic routine to do this interview with the LA Times. Thank you Jessica Gelt for sharing just a handful of stories among thousands from those whose industry has been completely decimated by the pandemic. Read the full interview here.

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Black Lives Matter. Please be sure you are registered to vote, and please show up for each and every election.


Recently, the cast and band of Ain’t Too Proud collaborated to record the opening number of our Tony Award winning Broadway show. It led to my cat Chloe’s national television debut!

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