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Melissa Tong

Violin, Piano, Vocals

Summer, 2023

Melissa is on tour with Post Malone, his first tour carrying a band. Hope to see lots of friends around the Globe. 🌎 🌍 🌏 

Fall, 2022

Melissa can now be found in the pit at the Some Like It Hot on Broadway!


Summer, 2022

Melissa had the great honor of joining the Hadestown First National Tour as Violinist and Assistant Conductor, the first woman to conduct this beautiful work by Anais Mitchell and Rachel Chavkin.

January, 2022


Sadly, the omicron variant proved to be too much for our little show with a huge heart and we closed for good after 488 performances. I will forever be in awe of this incredible cast, crew, band, creative team, this amalgamation of inspiring, beautiful, talented, phenomenal human beings that made my first Broadway chair one I will cherish forever.

May, 2021


will be returning to The Imperial Theater on October 16, 2021. We all look forward to sharing this incredible show, its timeless music and themes, and phenomenal cast and company with audiences again very soon.

April, 2020

While the world has been on pause fighting a pandemic, my heart has been with those on the frontlines, those that are sick, those that are struggling, and those that are leading. Our stages and theaters may have been dark, but I hope that we hold hope for a light, for a future, where we care for our most vulnerable, hold one another close, and that we will soon share joy and music together again soon.


Photo cred Jack Roman

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